Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Drongos And My 'Net Legacy

When I first got on the Internet back in '98, I picked as a handle drongozone, which I still have/use to this day in some form or another. I got the word "drongo" from a New Zealandish rockabilly quartet with the monicker The Drongos. They used to busk at lunch time in Liberty Plaza, diagonally across Church St from the World Trade Center, back in the early '80s. They were a skinny bunch, three cats with big sideburns on gee-tar, bass, and snare drum and a guitar-playin' chick in a very short skirt. They could really rock. I didn't know it at the time but they also played out at CBGB's and other joints. But the street was their main theater, and I saw them all the time that one summer. And, yes, I did contribute to their bucket.
Anyway, several years later, I asked a Kiwi co-worker with the great name of Bronwyn Collie what the hell a "drongo" was and she told me in NZ it means "nerd" or "stupid person." And while I don't think those two descriptors actually describe me, I did like the way the word looked and sounded. So, I became Drongo, thanks to the skinny Kiwi rockabillies of Lower Manhattan.

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  1. The Drongos are awesome. I never got to see them live though. FYI, they're going to be putting some material on the web soon. Check "The Drongos" in Wikipedia from time to time. :-D
    a.k.a. DavetheDrongosFan