Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Fight At Crazy Cavan & The Rhythm Rockers/Buzz & The Flyers at Max's Kansas City c. 1980

Crazy Cavan and his group were pretty big rockabillies in England at the time. I had this rekkid called "Rock 'N' Roll Is Still Alive" that featured them and their overly sideburned Edwardian-suited male and skank-ass female whore supporters on the cover. The LP was a live record, and also had okay performances from The Flying Saucers and The Hellraisers. So CC & the RR came to New York City--the Big Time, or so they thought. They apparently did not know, however, however these things are done, that Buzz & The Flyers would open for them. Buzz & The Flyers was the best rock & roll band operating in NYC at the time, hands down--no shit, slick.
How to explain Buzz & The Flyers? We followed the band all the time ever since I saw a Village Voice ad about "Rockabilly Night" at some joint called The Rocker Room, somewhere on a street that begins with 4. I could write a freakin' book about Buzz & The Flyers, but here's what happened on the night in question. We went nuts for Buzz, but the Crazy Cavan Teddy Boys in the audience who came over the pond with their favorite band got pissed when we kind of ignored CC and didn't show enough enthusiasm for the headliners. We weren't clapping or dancing for them. Max's wasn't well attended that night, but alcohol had full attention all around and the battle was easily engaged after the mad Brits assaulted us. My spex got knocked off and Butch had this guy's (the bloke is on the cover of "Rock 'N' Roll Is Still Alive") fancy suit all ready to rip--"If his glasses are broken I'm ripping this sleeve off." Altercation broken up. Nothing to see here, but what a pretty good night.