Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Kinks at SUNY Geneseo 1979

Always liked The Kinks, I did (well except for maybe some of their ultra art rock of the early '70s). I liked how they sang in English English. They followed up their great hits of the '60s with credible rock & roll/new wavish hits later on.

In 1979, I hitched a ride from SUNY Fredonia over to see my Staten Island pals Roger and Bobby at SUNY Geneseo in Upstate New York. I arrived Friday afternoon and they scrambled to get me a ducat for that evening's performance to which they already had tickets. The show was in the gymnasium at the school. I don't remember if there was an opening band, or not. Anyway, we secured places right in front of the waist-high stage, in the argie-bargie. I couldn't help notice how the roadies had taped down sheets with the word "Geneseo" written on them so Ray Davies wouldn't have to remember where he actually was when addressing the crowd.

The band played their newer, hard rock/punk influenced hits from the album "Low Budget." Ray Davies was great--he is a showman extraordinaire.

At one point in between numbers, some guy in the crowd offered up a whiskey bottle to the band. The keyboard player made a gesture that said "sure I'll have some." Audience guy obliged by throwing the bottle of spirits toward the ivory tickler, who bungled the catch and whiskey went all over him and all over the place. Ray Davies did not look pleased.

They ended up doing all their old hits in the encore, like "Lola" and " You Really Got Me," and my fave, "All Day And All Of The Night."

Pretty good rock & roll show.


  1. I worked for the S.U.N.Y Geneseo concert council. I was between the stage and the front row of fans...and was the recipient of a lot of spit courtesty of Ray Davies, as he sang his songs. Terrific show. Ducks on the Wall was a fan favorite at the Inn Between bar off campus....and we petitioned the Kinks to include that song in their show....which they did. Great show!

  2. I grew up in Geneseo and was in my 1st yr at RIT. Went with my dorm buddies. Memorable vomiting in front of the side bleachers we were by. Entire section would watch as person after person slipped in it.

    1. I seem to remember that. I traveled from SUNY Delhi with a buddy. We stayed in his sisters dorm room. Great show ! Had a fun time in the bars afterwards. I only appreciate now how lucky I was to see them. Still have my moth ridden Kinks t-shirt from the show.